Multi-compartment model dispersion and transmutation.


MULTILLABY is a multi-compartment model for nuclide dispersion with the following physical phenomenon:

mixing:in a compartment volume
transfert:from one compartment to another compartment
deposition:on a compartment walls or inside a filter
filtration:from one compartment to another
release:from walls of a compartment or from a filter into another compartment
decay:between isotopes individualized with one or several chemical form

Isotopes are individualized with one or several chemical form (example Iodine: I2, ICH3 or I aerosol). Parameters of each physical phenomenon can be set for each chemical form.

General Features

Small:Code and nuclear data are small (only 200 Ko).
Fast:Quantities and integral of quantities are computed directly from generalized H. Bateman equations.
User friendly:A simple input instruction text file is needed.
Limits:The choice of the algorithm enables maximal speed and precision but loops are not possible (example: recirculation of air in a loop from a compartment back to a previous compartment is not computed).